Summit Rainier students exhibit their support towards saving Ethnic Studies

By Analisa Sofia Perez Staff Writer With expeditions starting up again this school year, a new group of students are taking part in the Ethnic Studies course. To many, Ethnic Studies is seen as a beneficial class that supports students of color in delving deeper into their culture, as well as the cultures that surround... Continue Reading →

Ethnic Studies emerges in Summit Tahoma classrooms

By Cyrus Shakeri Staff Writer Ethnic Studies is a controversial class taught at Summit Tahoma during Expeditions that some feel is necessary to understand their own cultural background and heritage. Ethnic Studies helps students understand controversial topics happening around the world. Ethnic Studies has been banned in the state of Arizona. The ban has been the... Continue Reading →

Filling the gap of representation through art

By Judy Ly  Staff writer For this Expeditions round of Ethnic Studies, students studied the portrayal of people of non-dominant backgrounds in media. From music video to films to even personal poetry, Expeditions teacher Angel Barragan showcased the representation and misrepresentation of Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and African Americans. Expeditions teacher Angel Barragan shares his... Continue Reading →

Ethnic Studies gives Tahoma students a new perspective

By Cyrus Shakeri  Staff Writer Many problems have been occurring regarding race and immigrants. More and more controversial topics seem to be coming to light every day. There have been innocent killings of African-American males and desperate immigrants from Honduras trying to get into the United States. Most schools don’t converse about these topics. However, recently schools have been... Continue Reading →

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